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About Evan
Evan Rogers

About Evan Rogers

Evan Rogers established his philosophy as a legal practitioner many years ago: place the interests of the client above all else and success will come. For over 30 years, this seemingly simple principle has been his guide as he has helped countless clients with their legal matters and their lives.

A Holistic Approach

Early on, Evan was determined to provide free consultations to prospective clients. He believed then and now that this allows both parties to explore options openly without pressure. Once a client is retained, Evan’s approach is one that treats the legal matter that is at issue as the symptom of a problem in the individual’s life. Just as a physician uses their medical training and skill in alleviating a medical condition, so, too, does Evan use his vast legal knowledge and experience to provide the best possible result for the legal matter. He also knows how the person and their family are impacted by the events and takes additional steps to ensure a similar situation does not arise again in the future.

Education and Bar Admissions

Evan Rogers is a graduate of the prestigious Benjamin Cardoza School of Law (Yeshiva University), receiving a Juris Doctorate. He was admitted to the New York State Bar in 1982 and was subsequently admitted to practice in the Eastern and Southern Districts of the Federal court.


Joining his father’s law firm as an associate, Evan was made partner in Rogers & Rogers, Esq., in 1986. After his father’s retirement in 1993, Evan became the owner. Cumulatively, Rogers and Rogers, Esq. have proudly been serving the local community for over 60 years.

Areas of Practice

Evan Rogers has focused his practice primarily on issues regarding home ownership, with an emphasis on:
Last wills and testaments
• Helping Landlords to evict troublesome tenants
Real estate (House, Coop & Condo)
Probate and the administration of estates


Evan is a dedicated and devoted motorcycle rider, having ridden through 48 states of the USA and much of Canada.  He is the NY representative in The Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club and the Valkyrie Owners Association and is an advocate of motorcycle safety. Either of his motorcycles a 2001 Valkyrie Interstate or the 2004 BMW police bike may be found parked right in front of the Bronx Housing Court when Court is in session.

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Mr. Rogers may be contacted at Rogers & Rogers, Esq., at (718) 994-1640.

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