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“My mother trusted Mr. Evan Rogers to do her will. When she was in hospice she told me where her will was located and gave me Mr. Rogers card. I used him to probate her will and he made it seem so effortless. He was personable and extremely empathetic, the opposite of what I expected. My husband and I used him as our lawyer when we sold our home. He worked hard so we didn’t have to. I understand now why my mother chose him for something so important as her last will; he could be trusted to fulfill the wishes set forth in the document. A man of integrity, practical and kind. I highly recommend him.”

~Tonya Knight

Evan Rogers has done work for me twice in two years. In both occasions he has been very dependable. He gets the job done fast and complete. He is direct and honest, that’s what a home owner needs when faced with the worst of tenants.

~Tony Mack

At the time of my Mother’s passing, I was in a state of shock and grief. I knew that the home I grew up in had to sold, as I no longer live in the Bronx. I knew NOTHING about how to make the sale happen or how to handle an “Estate”.

Mr. Evan Roger has a welcoming web site and he was my only choice. No need to shop around. He contacted right away and that was on a Sunday. I was very impressed that he called me on a non business day. This was a great first impression! WOW!

He guided me through the Administration of the Estate and the process of obtaining the Estate bond, worked through all details to get me appointed Administrator and also drafted the Contract of Sale for the Bronx property and represented me at the closing of the Estate.

My situation was special because I was out of state and most of our communication was done via phone, fax, email and snail mail and a couple of months later we had our first face to face meeting. I felt like I was meeting an old friend.

Mr. Rogers is competent, knowledgeable very professional and a really nice guy, he was able to put me at ease from afar. As my situation was “a little different” and has some unique problems, Evan Rogers made them go away and was always there to answer any questions or concerns that I had.

I will recommend Rogers and Rogers, ESQ as long as I am able to. This firm gets the job DONE! He was there for me the throughout the entire process.

~Jerry Martin

“I had the opportunity to purchase a residential rental property and needed an attorney to assist on the particulars of a closing on the mortgage. While attorneys who specialize in real estate are easily found, I realized I would need one that can also handle potential issues that could arise with tenants.

I choose Rogers & Rogers primarily because of proximity to my home as well as the fact that an initial consultation was free. After meeting Evan Rogers to discuss my plans on purchasing the property and hearing of his experience in dealing with landlord / tenant matters, I was confident that Rogers & Rogers would fit the bill. The price was reasonable when compared to other firms and there were no surprises at the end concerning fees.

Throughout the loan process, Evan Rogers was always accessible; even if it was quick email reply between his scheduled court appointments or in stopping by his office for a quick discussion.

A conversation with Evan Rogers is equal parts business, humor and small talk, with business again to close the loop. Such an interaction makes dealing with legal issues for the Average Joe far less stressful.

While all landlords just want simple month-to-month business dealings with their tenants, I for one am certainly glad to have Evan Rogers in my corner. Much like insurance, you hope to never need it but it’s nice to know it’s there.

I can gladly recommend Rogers & Rogers for anyone else in the same situation.”


“My tenant was not paying rent, so I sought an eviction.

Evan Rogers was introduced to me by a good friend who claimed that Mr. Rogers was an amazing real estate lawyer with an impressive rate of success. I had contacted several lawyers in the Bronx, but my friend insisted on Rogers and Rogers Law Firm and boy was he right!

Evan Rogers was able to handle my case with ease, even though I no longer live in the New York City area. His rates are affordable and he was available to offer advice throughout the process. In the end Mr. Rogers was able to collect all the back rent from my tenant and complete the eviction of my tenant in a reasonable amount of time.

Although I hope I will not require his services in the future, I would not hesitate to contact him again. Thanks again Mr. Rogers!”


I needed to have a New York will probated, and coming east to deal with it simply wasn’t practical. Evan Rogers guided me through the steps, provided the necessary paperwork and figuratively held my hand through the entire process via e-mails and telephone conversations.

He was always available to answer my questions and review the materials I submitted (I’m not sure he ever sleeps).

The price he quoted for the probate was very reasonable (especially when compared with other attorneys I called before choosing Evan), and the final cost didn’t exceed that estimate (excluding court fees). To the best of my knowledge I have no more relatives in whose wills I might figure, but if I did I wouldn’t hesitate to engage Evan Rogers’s services again.

For anyone else needing legal work in the Bronx or New York City area, I recommend his services without reservation.

~A.L. Hern

Mr. Evan Rogers was my mother’s attorney. He had even made house calls to her home in Yonkers to help her with her reverse mortgage questions and other legal issues.

Who does that today?

So Evan was highly recommended to me. He got me through some very rough times due to his expertise, his support and his availability.

When my Mom passed away in 2010, he took care of everything. He helped me and my sister with all the details associated with the Probate of her estate and the sale of the house.

Whenever I had a question, I would call or email Mr. Rogers. I would promptly receive a response or an email telling me that he would get back to me shortly or an answer to my question by email..

I needed to take care of a few things this year. I have always found that he will speak with me and we have scheduled consultations whenever I felt it was necessary..

I found Mr. Roger’s fees to be reasonable. I would highly recommend Mr. Rogers to my friends and family.

~Susan L

I just closed on a property with Atty Rogers representing my father and I with a house that we had. First off, I’d like to say that this particular deal has been nothing short of one big pile of frustration. Dealing with other attorney’s, a nightmare of a banker and a sale that had so many obstacles, Attorney Rogers displayed initiative, knowledge, experience and strong representation that helped to get the job done.

Without Attorney Rogers expertise, I can’t imagine how we could have gotten through all the obstacles and headaches. He is an excellent attorney who values strong ethics and works hard to get the job done right!

~Kenny, a Real Estate client

I came to know Mr. Rogers through internet while searching for an attorney closing my home in the Bronx while my regular attorney coudn’t make my case.

I had known a lot of attorneys helping me close many properties but NONE comes close to Rogers service. Sadly, many of my high profile realty attorneys Bronx didn’t even read the statements prior to closing, they had the aids mark and high-light here and there and basically, Danny signs here-Daisy signs there.

This is the first attorney that spent time going over my buying contract in person, then later renegotiate in my favors with seller attorney and saving me money with title companies as well.

At closing, last minutes the bank was almost closed at 3:50pm, we ran into problem with mortgage company and about unexpected extra huge money to pay them upfront and then refund which could ruin or postpone the dealt. He helped us fought through and saved the date. This business experience was beyond satisfaction, to our family we had a trusted legal adviser.

We entrust our all our realties legal matters and wills with Mr. Rogers.

As a pharmacist and pharmacy owner, I was always skeptical of lawyers, but Mr. Rogers proved to be the most trusted professional of his field that I encountered. He had since helped many of my friends and family members. I strongly recommend his service.

PS. I am a shy and busy guy, I don’t normally write stuffs to recommend other, but his incredible service motivated me to write this review.

~Danny Han

Evan Rogers is a superb attorney that I have had the pleasure working with for the last two years.

I am a young girl whose mother passed and left me with a one family home. As a young girl attending College with no other siblings or father to help I was much in over my head. Taking care of my mother’s final estate affairs was very overwhelming but Mr. Rogers made the process very smooth and understandable for a novice like me. Mr. Rogers pays very close attention to detail is organized and very professional.

He is very personable and funny but serious when it comes down to business. Unlike other Attorney’s he is not hard to reach when you need to get in touch with him. I admire this most about him. He is the hardest working man I know when I first met him he listened to my case over the phone while he was on vacation. He spent an hour of his vacation time on the phone talking to me that showed me he was very dedicated in helping me.

I would recommend him to the entire world if I could.


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