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Bronx Estate Planning Lawyers Assist Caregivers in Difficult Times

If you are caring for a loved one whose health is failing, our Bronx estate planning lawyers can assist you with legal issues that arise during this emotional and difficult time. Caring for a loved one in such a situation is difficult in any circumstance, but it can be even more stressful if no steps are taken to ensure that someone else has the legal authority make decisions for your loved one in the event that he or she becomes incapable of making those decisions. A health care power of attorney is a useful and necessary tool to ensure that things are carried out in the way your loved one would want.

Health Care Powers of Attorney Ease Stress

Health care powers of attorney are essential when the times comes to make end-of-life decisions. If no one is legally authorized to make decisions about your loved one’s health care and treatment, it may jeopardize your ability to ensure that your loved one’s end-of-life wishes are honored. A health care power of attorney gives a trusted person the legal right to make decisions about medical treatment and care in the event that a patient becomes unable to do so for themselves. The power of attorney is not effective until a person is no longer able to communicate his or her wishes in a coherent and/or effective manner.

The Scope of a Health Care Power of Attorney

The health care power of attorney document is flexible in its scope. A person may assign varying degrees of power to his or her health care agent based on individual needs, wishes, and circumstances. In many instances, a person will assign complete control of his or her healthcare to the agent named in a health care power of attorney.

Making Decisions and Choosing an Agent

It is important for your loved one to discuss his or her wishes with the person to be named as the health care agent. Some issues for consideration in the planning process are any religious beliefs that might conflict with potential medical treatments, a person’s wishes regarding health care measures and treatments that may be used to prolong life, whether a patient wants to be resuscitated if his or her heart or breathing stops, and many others. You can help your loved one with the decisions related to a health care power of attorney by discussing these issues with them in a patient and considerate manner and by helping them to choose an appropriate and trustworthy person to serve as his or her health care agent.

Seeking Help from Bronx Estate Planning Lawyers

Experienced Bronx estate planning lawyers can assist you and your loved one in navigating the legal complexities of getting a health care power of attorney in place. Securing the integrity of your loved one’s wishes in an end-of-life situation is one way to ease the stress of an already very difficult situation. Seeking the advice of Bronx estate planning lawyers who are knowledgeable in the laws of your state can make this process less confusing, will ensure that the health care power of attorney is properly created according to state requirements, and will help ensure that your loved one’s wishes are honored when this difficult time comes. Contact the experienced Bronx estate planning lawyers at Rogers and Rogers, Esq., today at (718) 994-1640, and let them assist you and your loved one in this process.

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