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Estate Planning Checklist

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Before Bronx estate planning lawyers can formulate an estate plan, they must gather detailed information regarding you and your finances. Some Bronx estate planning attorneys may have you complete a questionnaire before you meet with them. Others might ask that you bring certain documents with you during your initial consultation. Here is a list of basic information that Bronx estate planning lawyers may ask of you.

Background Information

Your estate planning lawyer will ask you for your legal name as it will appear on your will. Additionally, he or she will need to gather your contact information and information related to your citizenship. You should also provide him or her with your date of birth, occupation, and a statement regarding any prior residence in another state.

Family Information

Your attorney will need to learn about your family situation in order to prepare your estate planning documents properly. For example, if you are married, he or she will need to know the date of your marriage, what real or personal property is involved, and whether a prenuptial agreement will affect your plan. If you are divorced or widowed, your attorney will need information about the date of your divorce or spouse’s death, and the location where it occurred. For your heirs, provide their names and relations to you.

Asset Information

You will want to provide information to your attorney regarding the financial assets that will be affected by the plan. For example, provide details about any real property that you own, as well as financial accounts, life insurance policies, business interests, and other major assets. A list of these accounts, the title owners and beneficiaries information will also be provided to your attorney.

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