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Probate is the process that occurs after a person dies and the Last Will and Testament is brought up to the Surrogate’s Court.

Our Bronx probate lawyer will help to prepare and file any paperwork that is needed. Your probate lawyer can also help you to create a Last Will and Testament for yourself.

Having an experienced Bronx probate lawyer can leave you knowing where your possessions and money will go once you pass away.

If the person has passed away without having a Last Will and Testament, then your probate attorney will also help you to go through the process of becoming the fiduciary for the estate. The process of becoming a fiduciary where there is no Will is also referred to as a Proceeding of Administration. Like the Executor, the fiduciary must be qualified to be in that position. Our attorney can explain the requirements and steps necessary during your free consultation.


Probate can be a complicated process. Let us guide you through the paperwork to ensure that your estate property is handled correctly.

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The process of going through probate for an estate could be a daunting task to take on by yourself. It is recommended that you consult with your Bronx probate lawyer to help you be successful in executing your loved one’s last will and testament. A skilled and experienced Bronx probate lawyer can make the process a much easier one during the difficult time. Our Bronx probate lawyer can discuss what probate is and what you can expect after your loved one passes away. If you find that you have further questions after reviewing the information, contact our Bronx probate attorney for a consultation.


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