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Initiating Foreclosure Proceedings

Our Bronx eviction lawyer works with you if you have purchased a property that was in foreclosure. The home might have occupants, either renters or former owners, who need to be quickly removed so that you can make needed improvements and begin earning income. However, you will need to ensure that you follow a specific process in order to avoid legal complications.

Step-by-Step Process

You will probably have two options as you work to remove the residents of the home. You might decide to file paperwork with the courts with the help of your Bronx eviction attorney, or you might opt to use the cash-for-keys program. First, you will need to document that you now legally own the home by filing the recorded trustee’s deed as soon as possible. Next, determine if the resident is a renter or the former homeowner. In general, renters have more rights than former homeowners, so talk to your lawyer to find out how to proceed in each case.


Cash-for-keys means that you pay the resident to leave the home in good condition when they move out. You will need to contact a Bronx eviction lawyer in order to draw up a written contract with reasonable compensation for your area and all of the requirements included.

Eviction Proceedings

Finally, even if you are working with a tenant or resident in the cash-for-keys program, you will need to begin eviction proceedings. You do not want to be left hanging if the occupant decides to play games or cause problems. The threat of eviction might be just the necessary motivation to keep the process moving. In addition, you will need to review the paperwork with an attorney in order to make sure that you are following all of the laws, depending on if you are dealing with a foreclosure or a regular eviction. Numerous technical matters, such as time frames, notices, serving legal notices and related issues, can be complex and should not be tackled without the help of a legal professional.

Call Our Bronx Eviction Lawyer

Foreclosure and eviction issues need to be sensitively handled in order to ensure that a landlord is legally protected. For further information and for help with your specific case, contact our Bronx eviction lawyer with Rogers & Rogers, Esq. at (718) 994-1640.

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