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  • Do you have a problem tenant?
  • Is the Section 8 lease expired?
  • Is the tenant in an illegal apartment?
  • Has the tenant brought a dog into the apartment or are strange people living in the apartment?
  • Do you have quality of life issues because of noise, smoke, or illegal activity in that apartment?
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Over the past 30 years I have helped thousands of Landlords evict their problem tenants whether it be a Holdover case or a Nonpayment case in the Bronx and Mt Vernon.

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After the eviction by the City Marshal the service continues with our offer of a FREE apartment lease customized just for you.

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What we Cover in Our Eviction Cases

• Commercial & Residential Holdover Proceedings

• Commercial & Residential Non-Payment Proceedings

• Non-Primary Residence Holdover Proceedings

• Nuisance Holdover Proceedings

• Illegal Sublet Holdover Proceedings

• Owner Occupancy Proceedings

• Cooperatives and Condominiums

• Pets in Violation of the Lease

• Lease Negotiation

• Subleases

• Marshal’s Notices

• Orders to Show Cause

• Overcharges

• Appeals and more…

For a landlord, evictions are an inevitable cost of doing business. Although problem tenants can be a financial drain and a source of much personal stress, an experienced Bronx eviction attorney understands there are ways to expedite the process but cautions that exact procedures must be followed.

Nonpayment or Holdover

There are two types of eviction cases in New York; nonpayment, where the landlord is bringing an action to evict for failure to pay the rent, or a holdover, in which the grounds for evicting the tenant are based on something other than nonpayment such as illegal activity or staying beyond the expiration of the lease. A different procedure is required for each:
• A notice demand for rent for nonpayment cases
• A Notice to Cure and/or Notice of Termination for holdover cases.

Serving the Tenant

An essential facet of the eviction process is ensuring the tenant has notice of the impending action. Courts are extremely reluctant to proceed with an eviction if there is any doubt as to whether or not the tenant has been effectively warned.
It is important to emphasize that the landlord may not personally serve a tenant in New York. Again, procedure is critical and we use only licensed process servers to serve all papers.

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