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How an Attorney Can Help with the Eviction Process

How a Bronx Eviction Lawyer Can Help With The Eviction Process

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The first and most important aspect of an eviction to understand is the precise nature of the process. A landlord must adhere to the strict letter of the law; a failure to do so results, as a Bronx eviction lawyer can attest, in unnecessary delays and a more costly process, as well as a loss of the case.

Avoiding Self-help Remedies

In many cases, a landlord has tried repeatedly to have a dialogue with a tenant and tried to work with them but to no avail. Despite great frustration and anger, an important role an attorney can play is in preventing a landlord form taking the eviction into their own hands. A landlord who changes the locks on an apartment, for example, may be liable for triple the damages incurred by the tenant.

Understanding the Intricacies of Notice and Service

Although it is true that the actual forms used in evictions can be located and purchased at any number of document stores, the manner in which they are presented to the tenant have as much a bearing on their legal validity as using the correct form. For instance, a landlord may understand that notice must be given to the tenant regarding the filing of an eviction case, but do they realize that they, the landlord, cannot personally serve the tenant? Also, if service is affected by means other than personal service, two separate mailings must also be undertaken? A failure of any of these procedures will require the landlord to start all over again. At this office we utilize only the service of licensed process servers.

Rent Controlled Areas

Any area that is subject to rent control or stabilization has even more complex procedures.

After Court

Even after a landlord has secured a judgment, only the marshal or sheriff can execute the Warrant of Eviction. The landlord has no authority to remove the tenant’s possessions or change the locks. We can explain the entire process during your free consultation.

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Trying to handle an eviction on your own can be a costly mistake. An experienced lawyer can minimize your losses. Call Rogers & Rogers, Esq., at (718) 994-1640.

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