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Rafaela Minier

Rafaela Minier

Mr. Evan Rogers is one of the best attorneys Bronx that I have ever dealt with and my husband and I were very fortunate to have him represent us in a Tenant v. Landlord dispute, wherein I was the Landlord.  More importantly, in addition to Rogers being very efficient, he is courteous, cordial, sincere and he quoted us less than other similar law firms in the area.  He handled my case as if it was his own and gave it personal attention.  Mr. Rogers is knowledgeable, as well as very experienced and he paid attention to each and every detail regarding my case, answering any and all questions with relation to my tenant v. landlord dispute. Albeit, my two court cases was resolved and we received the result that we wanted in tenant v. landlord court.  He was able to get us over $16,000 dollars in rent arrears in just a matter of a few appearances and we were able to evict one of the tenants already.  We were very pleased.  Based on the foregoing, I highly recommend Mr. Rogers as an attorney regarding any type of case that you have – it is my belief that he is knowledgeable, caring and intelligent and really listens to what the issues are and resolves the case in your favor. This firm is one of the very few that has a clear and concise plan and the commitment to execute it. They are extremely knowledgeable with their craft and are always willing to go the extra mile and beyond for their clients. One of the most distinguishing qualities of the members of this firm is that they actually care about what they do and are personally invested in all matters.

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