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Santhosh Benjamin

Santhosh Benjamin

“I had the opportunity to purchase a residential rental property and needed an attorney to assist on the particulars of a closing on the mortgage. While attorneys who specialize in real estate are easily found, I realized I would need one that can also handle potential issues that could arise with tenants.

I choose Rogers & Rogers primarily because of proximity to my home as well as the fact that an initial consultation was free. After meeting Evan Rogers to discuss my plans on purchasing the property and hearing of his experience in dealing with landlord / tenant matters, I was confident that Rogers & Rogers would fit the bill. The price was reasonable when compared to other firms and there were no surprises at the end concerning fees.

Throughout the loan process, Evan Rogers was always accessible; even if it was quick email reply between his scheduled court appointments or in stopping by his office for a quick discussion.

A conversation with Evan Rogers is equal parts business, humor and small talk, with business again to close the loop. Such an interaction makes dealing with legal issues for the Average Joe far less stressful.

While all landlords just want simple month-to-month business dealings with their tenants, I for one am certainly glad to have Evan Rogers in my corner. Much like insurance, you hope to never need it but it’s nice to know it’s there.

I can gladly recommend Rogers & Rogers for anyone else in the same situation.”

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