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Section 8 Law Assistance from a Landlord Tenant Lawyer Bronx Residents Trust

If you are a landlord who is having trouble with a Section 8 tenant, our Bronx landlord tenant attorneys can help. Landlords and tenants don’t often realize it, but Section 8 tenancy differs from regular tenancy in a number of ways. Therefore, it is crucial to retain a Bronx landlord tenant lawyer who understands Section 8 law when trouble arises. Our attorneys understand Section 8 laws and the crucial differences that exist between regular tenancy and Section 8 tenancy, and they can help you get rid of problem tenants who are violating Section 8 law. Special rules and procedures must be followed when it comes to Section 8 tenancy. For instance, there are at least two kinds of Section 8 in New York City (NYCHA and HPD). If a Section 8 tenant isn’t paying their rent, the process behind evicting them is different than it would be for a regular tenant and as if that was not bad enough the process is different between the different kinds of Section 8. All too often, landlords are unaware of this and end up mishandling the situation.  In fact, some inadvertently violate the law and get into trouble themselves. Your Bronx eviction attorney will work to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you. Another common issue that landlords have with Section 8 tenants occurs when the tenant refuses access into their units to perform important repairs. Such repairs may be required by Section 8, and Section 8 may suspend and/or withhold payments to the landlord until the repairs are made. Dealing with an uncooperative tenant is frustrating enough, but it’s even worse when it affects your ability to be paid in a timely manner. Regardless of the circumstances of your situation, Evan Rogers Esq will give you a free consultation to explain Section 8 rules and how they apply to your case. You will also find out what to expect in court! Finally the attorney will assist you to build a case and assist you in getting rid of the problem tenant.

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