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What is the Housing Court?

I hope you have found the information in this website helpful.

For this my first post I thought it would be important to begin with Housing Court.

Housing Court is where a Landlord goes to get relief from a Tenant who is in arrears in the rent, or to evict a Tenant with an expired lease.

The Housing Court is a statutory Court and all of the i’s must be dotted and all of the t’s crossed or the case may be dismissed.

Therefore it is imperative to have an experienced attorney working for you.

It seems that never a week goes by without our receiving a telephone call from a Landlord who attempted to prepare their own notices and Petitions and are very upset because the Judge threw out their case.

For instance, a person is not to simply give the Tenant the Notice of Petition. The paper should be served by a licensed process server who is a person who is not a party to the action in the manner set forth by the law.

Failure to properly serve a Notice or Petition usually results in dismissal of the case.

All of our papers, notices and pleadings are served by our licensed process server. We have never lost a Traverse Hearing, which is a Hearing to determine if service was made properly.

While we can not Guarantee results like this in every case, by being thorough, and by following all the rules exactly, you can increase the likelihood that you will prevail to almost a certainty.

In my next entry I will explain the due diligence that we do before we even enter into a Retainer with a Eviction client.

I look forward to many more postings and hope to be able to help you with your legal problems when they arise.

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