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Our White Plains Landlord Attorney Explains Section 8

A good white plains landlord attorney Bronx and Mount Vernon can help guide prospective landlords through the process of qualifying their rental properties for participation in the Section 8 program.

Section 8 or Housing Choice Voucher Program Explained By White Plains Landlord Attorney Bronx

In a bid to allow low-income families to live in neighborhoods which might be otherwise be unaffordable to them, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) devised a program to offset the rental cost to the tenants. The program, often referred to as Section 8, scales the rent the tenant must pay in proportion to their income. The difference between what a tenant pays and what is owed in rent is paid to the landlord from federal funds. In this way, low-income families have the opportunity to live in neighborhoods of their choosing. Participating homes are privately owned by landlords. Needless to say, the process of getting a property qualified as Section 8 housing can become protracted and complicated. This is where a skilled housing lawyer can make the difference in getting a home approved and subsequently occupied in a timely manner and even more important to help you remove a tenant who is destroying your home, committing crime or other acts which make it unsafe for you and the other tenants.

There are several kinds of Section 8 which you may have;  NYCHA and HPD. The rules of termination are different for each so please consult with an attorney before proceeding down the path to making a deal with Section 8. Housing Court is a statutory court and failure to dot every i and cross every t will usually mean the loss of your case and a delay of many months before you can get back before a Judge.

Terminating a Tenant on Section 8

Generally speaking, Section 8 tenants comply with the program’s requirements. This is largely due to the beneficial nature of the program giving them affordable rent in a neighborhood of their choosing. However, there are times when tenants may receive a Pre-Termination Notice of Section 8 Non-Compliance. Given the potential financial impact and disruption to the family should they get evicted, the matter can quickly become problematic.

Also if the tenant destroys the apartment you will probably find the benefits of Section 8 suspended until they can certify repairs are done.  Frankly we do not recommend Section 8 in most cases for this reason and also because the tenant share can change many times over the course of your lease and you can not recover from Section 8 in Housing Court, only from the tenant.

What to Do If You Run Into Problems with Your Section 8 Housing

Given the long waiting period you endured in order to offer Section 8 housing, seeking the counsel of a housing lawyer makes sense to preserve your participation in the program. When it comes to an attorney who can deal with Section 8 and the tenants, the law offices of Rogers & Rogers, Esq, are well qualified to help landlords. If you’re a landlord who wants to know more about Section 8, call (718) 994-1640 for an appointment.

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