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Do Not Resuscitate Orders

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An important component of a comprehensive estate plan is the creation of documents outlining your preferences in receiving medical treatment in the event you cannot communicate those wishes yourself. In that regard, a Living Will and an Advance Health Care Directive can be effective tools. However, if you choose to incorporate a Do Not Resuscitate Order as well, that requires a different sort of preparation.

The Role of a Bronx and Westchester Estate Planning Lawyer

Most of the documents you will execute as part of your estate plan are created by you after careful consideration, and although there is no requirement that a Living Will, for example, be executed under the guidance of an attorney, many lawyers provide this service when they create a Trust or Last Will and Testament for their clients. A DNR Order, on the other hand, is a document that must adhere to the Department of Health guidelines and is signed by the individual’s physician.

Resuscitation Is the Default

The general rule is that emergency medical technicians must resuscitate a patient if that individual is in a life-threatening situation. A DNR, signed by the patient and the patient’s physician, provides specific directions by the physician to withhold or withdraw treatments that would prolong the patient’s life.

Creation of a DNR

In many instances, the individual creates a DNR prior to his or her incapacity, but a DNR may also be created after incapacity by a court-appointed guardian or the patient’s attorney in fact as created under a durable power of attorney by an Elmsford estate planning lawyer.

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